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ABLEnding Fights for Veterans In California by Seeking VA Loans

Veterans return from duty to find homeownership is a financial struggle. In addition to securing a new form of income, veterans face not having the resources to make a home for themselves. In California, ABLEnding Inc. meets with Veterans as well as those currently serving, to make their dreams of homeownership a reality.

ABLEnding Inc. has established itself as a reputable lender. Its customer service, knowledge of lender options, and fast response time has been noted in the industry. Now, the California company is using its reputation to help veterans in the area purchase houses in the area.

They urge veterans to reach out to them for assistance. “You served your country, now let us serve you” is a motto that greets veterans as they retake control over home financing.

Of the nearly 22 million veterans in the U.S over 2 million of them live in California. The state of California has the highest number of former military in the country. Loan institutions, like ABLEnding are able to offer the V.A Loan which lowers costs and makes purchasing more manageable.

The VA loan is becoming more and more important in the U.S – over 705,474 home loans were granted last year alone. The total number of loans issued in California last year were over 70,000 in number and are climbing. The number of Veterans using this type of assistance increased 12% since 2015 and has since been rising.

These former military men and women work with ABLEnding consultants to complete the documentation and finance work required to qualify for these loans. Instead of going through the stress and struggle alone, California’s veterans are able to secure a safe place for them as well as their families in the nation they serve over seas.

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