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California Mortgage Broker You Can Trust!

Purchasing a new home or refinancing your current home is probably the most important financial decisions you make. It is vital to consider costs, interest rates, and loan options. Luckily, one of our qualified California mortgage broker can help you.
Also considered are; document Security, Speed, Communication, Efficiency, Trustworthiness, Professionalism, Response Time, Technology, and Knowledge .

Let An Expert California Mortgage Broker Worry About Your Mortgage Process

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At ABLEnding, Inc California we are at the TOP of the competition in ALL of these areas.  This evidently seen in our industry ratings and customer reviews.  Over 90% of our business comes from referrals as a result of customer satisfaction. Our combined 40+ years of experience ensures that ABLEnding, Inc is one of the mortgage industry’s most trusted leaders.

ABLEnding, Inc. understands that you have a finite amount of time. With ABLEnding, your mortgage broker, your mortgage experience will be smooth and personalized. We build sustainable relationships with our other industry professionals and with our customers. As a result 90%+ of our business is from referrals. Regardless of the day, we are always available for our customers.  We know that people shouldn’t have to take time off from their job to talk to their mortgage broker. For this reason, we are available seven days a week.

Whether you are planning to purchase a new home, refinance your current home, or simply have a consultation, you can speak directly to Mark Ventrone, President. Contact us now and experience the ABLEnding, Inc difference.

Types Of California Mortgages Our California Morgtgage Broker Provide

FHA Loan

ABLEnding Inc.’s FHA Loan are for new home buyers in California with less expendable income. If you are a first time home buyer, have as little as

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Have one of our California Mortgage Specialists assist you today!

3.5% for down payment, and possess a lower credit score this loan might be the right one for you. These loans allow you to buy home when you don’t meet the standards of other lenders. Unlike a standard loan, however, the insurance fee is not removed after a number of payments. ABLEnding Inc. is a qualified lender approved by the Federal Housing Administration allowing new home buyers to settle down with less money down.  Learn more about California FHA loans, click here!

VA Loan

Veterans and those currently serving in the U.S military qualify for ABLEnding Inc.’s VA Loan. In California, a VA loan is approved through the Department of Veteran Affairs. If you are in the Reserve, National Guard, or are a widow of a service member you are eligible for three types of VA loans. Home buyers can secure a VA interest rate reduction loan, purchase loan, or cash-out refinance loan with ABLEnding Inc. Advantages of the loan include 0% down, reduced funding fees, lower closing costs, and more. Most notably, you can also get federal advantages on your loans with ABLEnding Inc. by your side.  Learn more about California VA loans, click here!

Refinance Loan

ABLEnding Inc. also offers Refinancing loans for current homeowners.  You can choose to refinance after documentation regarding proof of assets, proof of income, and also an appraisal is completed. Furthermore in California, a better credit score will increase your chances to qualify as well as improve the terms of your loan. A refinance loan’s benefits include lowering monthly mortgage payments, shorter loan terms, standardized rates, or financing home improvements, college tuition, and much more. Also, ABLEnding Inc. treats clients with a personalized consultation to secure the best loan for your needs.  Learn more about California Refinance loans, click here!

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