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Commercial Loan – Broker Or Bank?

Commercial Loan - Broker Or Bank? There is an estimated 5.2 million commercial properties within the UK. The commercial property market expanded by over 32 per cent during 1990-2000 (according to the new products started) compared with the previous decade, in itself a decade of exceptional growth. Bank lending for commercial property deals rose by [...]

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How To Remortgage For A Better Deal

How To Remortgage For A Better Deal Sticking with the same mortgage lender for the term of your mortgage no longer applies to the majority of borrowers. Traditionally you may have taken out a mortgage and stayed put for the entirety of the mortgage term however in recent times more and more borrowers have realised [...]

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The Offset Mortgage – Why Is It Growing In Popularity?

The Offset Mortgage – Why Is It Growing In Popularity? The biggest innovation in the mortgage market in recent years, the offset mortgage, is now starting to take a significant share of the market. Now, only six years after they were introduced, the offset and the current account mortgage account for 10% of all borrowed [...]

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Mortgage Tips For The Greenhorn

Mortgage Tips For The Greenhorn In California we see amazing weather, great natural beauty, and many cultural offerings. It is not surprising that it is the most populated state in America. At the same time, one of my other places to reside at is Arlington Heights in Illinois. Though these two places are located far [...]

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Types Of UK Mortgage Fraud

Types Of UK Mortgage Fraud At one point or another most people in the UK have heard the term “mortgage fraud” before. While most people may consider mortgage fraud to be the domain of professional con artists and hardened criminals, this is not necessarily the case. Mortgage fraud encompasses a wide range of activities and [...]

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Bad Credit Loan Mortgage Rate And The Good Lender

Bad Credit Loan Mortgage Rate And The Good Lender "Blessed are the young," says Herbert Hoover, "for they shall inherit the national debt." Debt, in whatever language or guise, is bad. But what if you've incurred debts and find it hard to dig yourself out of them? Does this mean you are forever disqualified from [...]

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Mortgage Guide-Learn about Mortgage

Mortgage Guide-Learn about Mortgage Term mortgage refers to a method that is used to secure the property for the payment of a debt. Generally mortgage is related with the loans secured on real property. In certain cases only land is mortgaged. With the help of mortgage, businesses can easily purchase commercial real estate without paying [...]

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