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Timing Is Everything When It Comes To Buying Homes

Timing Is Everything When It Comes To Buying Homes The old adage that “timing is everything” especially applies to buying a new home. And trying to be at the right house at the right time and get it for the right price can be tricky. Here are some guidelines to assist you: Turn to the [...]

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Home Loan Programs

You have found that dream home, now which of the home loan programs is right for you? There is no simple answer to that question; home loan programs need to be studied to choose what is best. This all depends upon your individual family preferences and financial circumstances. Some factors to consider when choosing from [...]

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Buying Homes In A Foreclosure Market

Buying Homes In A Foreclosure Market What credit crunch? That's what many home buyers with solid credit and enough money for the down payment are saying during the current downturn in the real estate market. They are much better positioned than they were before the market turned down. And now, even the 30 year fixed [...]

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Industry stalwart to lead Oasis Hong Kong in Canada

Industry stalwart to lead Oasis Hong Kong in Canada Oasis Hong Kong Airlines (Oasis) today further boosted the strength of its management team, with the appointment of seasoned aviation management professional, Mr David Solloway. Mr Solloway takes up the position of General Manager - North America, reporting to Fritz Blayney, Senior Vice President - North [...]

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Use Your House To Pay For Your House

Use Your House To Pay For Your House Few people have heard of the technique of using your home to pay for your home. It requires self-control and a change in habits, but doesn't everything in life that's truly worthwhile? So put your mortgage on a diet and quit paying extreme interest rates to your [...]

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Bad Credit Mortgage Rates-Own A Home Again

Bad Credit Mortgage Rates-Own A Home Again Credit is a huge part of our culture, both in acquiring it and keeping it. But often, there are circumstances beyond our control that cause our credit to suffer, and in some cases, even result in something as severe as losing our homes. But there are bad credit [...]

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Debt Management & Planning

Debt Management & Planning Debt management is an essential element of financial planning. Make a note of your streams of revenue and incomes generated from the various investments. Sometimes it becomes imperative that we take loans, since this helps us to save tax. For example mortgage payments give benefits in tax planning. However the interest [...]

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How Do I Choose A Lender?

How Do I Choose A Lender? The growing demand for various types loan has led to the increase in the population of lenders in the country. Other than Banks and forms of financial institutions there are private lenders and mortgage brokers. What are the guidelines that a borrower should follow while choosing a lender? The [...]

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Ivas Set To Soar

Ivas Set To Soar House prices, the cost of borrowing, inflation and the cost of living are all predicted to rise over the next three years. However, some are finding that their wages do not reflect these changes and are entering a spiral of debt that eventually leads to an Individual Voluntary Agreement (IVA). Figures [...]

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Tracker Mortgages – Are They Worth The Gamble?

Tracker Mortgages – Are They Worth The Gamble? How well do you know the money market? A tracker rate mortgage has a variable rate, usually a set percentage above or below the Bank of England’s base rate. The arrangement is for a specified period of time, generally the first few years of your mortgage. Your [...]

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