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Debt Management & Planning

Debt Management & Planning

Debt management is an essential element of financial planning. Make a note of your streams of revenue and incomes generated from the various investments. Sometimes it becomes imperative that we take loans, since this helps us to save tax. For example mortgage payments give benefits in tax planning. However the interest payments are real and must be accounted from the income that you have.

Thus make sure that you have the income to repay the debts. Normally a bigger down payment will mean that you have to make smaller interest payments. The opposite is true where there would be larger interest payments if the down payment were large. Interest payments vary according to the period that the debt will run. Too short a period and the interest payments will burn a hole. Too long a period and the interest payments can become bothersome. Therefore the period should be such that it benefits you.

If the interest rates go higher, then the lending agency will increase the time period to recover the costs of interest rates. if they go lower, they may not revise the same rates downward. This is because in any circumstances, they need to make profits. However you can negotiate for lower rates with the lending agency, if you know that the interest rates have fallen. This can save you precious dollars, which is very important.

In fact lower refinance rates and mortgage rates can also be negotiated with the lending agency. The better your debt management, the better credit rating that you would have. This will ensure that you are able to take debts in the future. There will be positive credit rating against your name. If you repay old debts, then you should intimate this to the credit bureaus, as it will increase your credit rating. You can obtain your credit report from the credit bureaus by simply paying a small fee.

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