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Plumas County California FHA Loan Limits and Rates

The FHA loan limits in Plumas County, California are as follows:

Single – $336,950
Duplex – $431,350
Tri-plex – $521,400
Four-plex – $648,000

Plumas County, California is one of the northernmost counties in the entire state. While this is not the most highly populated areas of California it is close enough to Sacramento that many business professionals and wealthy individuals will consider a second home in this area. Some will look to live in Plumas County because they can afford a much larger house than they could in Sacramento. Some of the larger towns and cities in Plumas County include Taylorsville, Quincy, Portola, Bucks Lake, Chester and Belden.

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Some of the neighborhoods and places in Plumas County are as follows:

  • Beckwourth
  • Chester
  • East Quincy
  • Graeagle
  • Greenville
  • Lake Almanor Country Club
  • Lake Almanor Peninsula
  • Lake Almanor West
  • Plumas Eureka
  • Portola
  • Almanor
  • Beckwourth
  • Belden
  • Blairsden
  • Bucks Lake
  • Canyondam
  • Caribou
  • Chester
  • Chilcoot-Vinton
  • Clio
  • Crescent Mills
  • C-Road
  • Cromberg
  • Delleker
  • East Quincy
  • East Shore
  • Gold Mountain
  • Graeagle
  • Greenhorn
  • Greenville
  • Hamilton Branch
  • Indian Falls
  • Iron Horse
  • Johnsville
  • Keddie
  • Lake Almanor Country Club
  • Lake Almanor Peninsula
  • Lake Almanor West
  • Lake Davis
  • La Porte
  • Little Grass Valley
  • Mabie
  • Meadow Valley
  • Mohawk Vista
  • Paxton
  • Plumas Eureka
  • Portola
  • Prattville
  • Quincy
  • Spring Garden
  • Taylorsville
  • Tobin
  • Twain
  • Valley Ranch
  • Warner Valley
  • Whitehawk

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