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Strategies For Successful Business Networking

Strategies For Successful Business Networking Networking is a popular buzzword these days. Every blogger seems to be talking about Networking, Buzz Marketing and Word of Mouth Marketing. However, not many of them seem to be presenting specific strategies for making the most of local networking groups. This is why I decided to write this article. [...]

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Credit Bureaus

Credit Bureaus To any lender, credit bureaus are the best place to check out the credit worthiness of any borrower. If you have borrowed money from lenders, your loan records will definitely find place in credit bureaus. The bureaus maintain credit reports of all the borrowers. The mortgage brokers, credit card companies and employers evaluate [...]

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Commercial Mortgage Loans

Commercial Mortgage Loans Commercial Mortgage Loans are specially tailored for purchasing property that can be used for commercial use, the expansion for current business premises, and any residential and commercial investment as well for property development. Difference between residential loans and Commercial loans If you are considering buying a property of four units or less, [...]

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Take It To The Customer

Take It To The Customer In the past, purchasing ad space was the solution to every entrepreneur's marketing challenge. Then it was direct mail, followed by telemarketing. But with advertising and postage costs on the rise, these tactics have lost some of their appeal. Today the competition is fierce for a customers' attention. In order [...]

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Home Equity Popularity

Home Equity Popularity These types of loans and credit have grown in popularity over the years and since the 80s have increased in value. There has been a marked increase in home equity lines of credit as well. There has been a soar in property values and many homeowners have now learned about the management [...]

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No Credit Check Mortgages

No Credit Check Mortgages If you’re applying for a new home loan, one of the first items a potential lender will request is your permission to perform a credit check. If your credit history is a bit shaky or downright poor, you might consider the so-called no credit check mortgages. While any legitimate lender will [...]

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Home Franchise Opportunity, Which Business Is Better For You?

Home Franchise Opportunity, Which Business Is Better For You? The franchise world encapsulates almost every kind of home based business opportunity you can think of, through property management, recruitment, grass-cutting, tyre-fitting, sandwich-making, chipped paint removal, drain cleaning etc. Should one possess certain skills or experience necessary for any particular franchise then it may well be [...]

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Tips For Managing Your Personal Finances Better (2)

Tips For Managing Your Personal Finances Better Personal finances today aren't so much what you spend your money on, but how MUCH you spend of your money on certain things. Everyone can benefit from cutting back. Take a look at the ideas to follow and see if there are ways that you, too, can put [...]

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What Is A Two-Step Mortgage?

What Is A Two-Step Mortgage? When it comes to the various options that you can get for buying your house, a two-step mortgage may be just the thing you need. Being that it is kind of a cross between both a fixed rate mortgage and an adjustable rate, it may provide just the option you [...]

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Prepayment Penalties & Indexes

Prepayment Penalties & Indexes This article deals with some rarely discussed mortgage details that can have a major financial impact if you’re not careful. For starters, there’s Prepayment Penalties. These penalties can cost you a bundle and they’re often overlooked during the origination of the loan as well as the signing. Many mortgage brokers know [...]

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