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Working for Google and Need a Home Mortgage in San Francisco?

Need a Home and FHA Mortgage Brokers in San Francisco?

Each and every day Google hires new employees that are asked to move to the Mountain View and San Francisco area. Many of these individuals are just out of college or are in their early professional careers. This means they likely do not have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to buying a house or getting a home mortgage in San Francisco or Mountain View. Fortunately, there are California mortgage brokers that can help these individuals find some of the lowest mortgage interest rates at the present time.

Some of the areas in which Google employees will consider living include Palo Alto, Sunnyvale, Santa Clara, Redwood City or Menlo Park. Note that buying a home in this area is not going to come cheap. That said, getting paid on a Google salary makes things a little bit easier. When going into the rent vs buy process remember that a home mortgage will offer interest rate options depending on the type of mortgage and the length of the loan term. If you have questions contact ABLEnding at 866-260-2253. We have mortgage professionals that can help you get preapproved for a low interest rate on a home loan.

If you are worried about your credit score or the fact that you have very little credit history understand that we can help you find financing with your paystub or paycheck. There are specific mortgage programs that were created for bright college students that are going to earn a significant amount more in the years to come. Reach out to us so we can explain these programs.

There are some Google locations in the Los Angeles area as well. Note that our mortgage professionals can help you lock in the lowest mortgage rates in any part of California. If you do not have the money to put down a large down payment you may want to consider a California FHA home loan.


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