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Down Payment and Closing Cost Assistance Mortgage Lenders in California

Down Payment Assistance and FHA Mortgage Broker and Lenders in California

One of the largest concerns for first time home buyers is the 20% down payment on a home. When younger couples and families are trying to get their footing in terms of finances they do not have tens of thousands of dollars to sink into a down payment. A California FHA home loan only requires a 3% down payment but this can still be an amount well over $10,000. Fortunately, there are a number of California down payment and closing cost mortgage assistance programs available. Contact ABLEnding today to get more information on some of these programs.

The average benefit of a down payment assistance program nationally is just over $7000. Note that some will look for gifts from friends and family while others will seek out banks and lenders that can help them adjust the amount needed for a down payment. If you have been reluctant to purchase a home in California due to the down payment necessary contact ABLEnding today at 866-260-2253. We have mortgage professionals that can help you find the correct home mortgage loan program for your current financial situation.

Also note that there are mortgage programs for individuals of certain occupations. If you are former or current military you may qualify for down payment and closing cost assistance. There are some opportunities for teachers, firefighters and police officers. We will be more than happy to do extra homework to find a mortgage assistance program that will allow you to purchase the home of your dreams in California.

While we are in Westlake Village, we can help those in Simi Valley, Thousand Oaks, Oxford, Ventura and Burbank. In fact, we are licensed in the state of California so no matter what county or city you live in we can help you get into the right home mortgage loan program. Contact ABLEnding and allow us to find the best mortgage down payment assistance program in California to help you save money.

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