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VA High Balance Loan Limit in San Diego County, California

VA Home Loans and Limits in San Diego County, California

When it comes to getting a VA home loan in the state of California it is important to remember there are high balance loan limits that differ from county to county. While we get many questions about Los Angeles VA high balance loan limits there are a number of veterans or current military that are looking to buy a home in San Diego and the very southern tip of California. In San Diego County, California the VA high balance loan limit is $562,350.00. If you have questions about getting a VA home loan in this part of the state contact ABLEnding today at 866.260.2253.

We have a number of mortgage programs that can help you get into your first home today. Even if you are buying your second or third home you can still use the VA program. Remember that California FHA home mortgage loans are also a popular way for potential homeowners to finance the home of their dreams. There are a number of reasons you will want to consider a VA home loan today. Some of these reasons include:

  • LOW interest rates – among the lowest available.
  • NO monthly mortgage insurance or private mortgage insurance.
  • No down payment.

Do not feel as if these are the only benefits of a VA home loan in the state of California. By contacting us today we will be able to explain each and every step of the home mortgage process. We will also be completely honest and up front with which type of mortgage program will save you the most on a monthly mortgage payment.

Rather than looking solely at your monthly mortgage payment you may want to look at the total amount you are going to pay of the course of the entire loan. If you make higher monthly payments it does not mean you are going to spend more in the long run. In fact, you may want to consider a 15 year home mortgage loan because you will end up paying less because the total interest amount will be lower.

If this is hard for you to understand do not hesitate to call us at any time. We will go over the California interest calculator and discuss the reasons a specific type of mortgage will be correct for your financial situation.

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