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Thousand Oaks, California Low Credit Score Mortgage Lenders

Low Credit Mortgage Lenders and Brokers in Thousand Oaks, California

Although most people consider Thousand Oaks, California to be one of the more affluent parts of southern California it does not mean every resident has a clean credit report. Just because an individual or family has an income over $250k it does not mean they have a credit score over 740. In fact, there is no direct correlation in a great credit score and income. If you are seeking a low credit score mortgage lender in Thousand Oaks, California that can help you qualify for a home loan contact ABLEnding today at 866.260.2253.

We have worked with a number of “low credit score” borrowers that can qualify through a California FHA home loan program or another type of mortgage program. We have a team that can assist you with finding a mortgage that will fit your needs. Even if you have missed credit card payments, a higher debt to income ratio or a high credit utilization there are some mortgage programs that have been created for these situations.

Most people have made financial mistakes in their lives. It only takes one or two missed payments on a credit card to see the interest rate skyrocket and a credit score drop. If you have been through this process you know it can be difficult to gain access to money; especially when it comes to qualify for a home mortgage. Allow ABLEnding to help. We will do our best to help you better understand what mortgage home loans are available in Thousand Oaks, California.

Remember that not all banks and mortgage lenders will have a low credit score mortgage program. They may have a bank statement mortgage program but this is often for the self employed and not those that have a poor or bad credit score. If your credit score is between 580 and 620 there could be some options available but you will only know if you contact us today. A few FHA mortgage options could help you get into the home of your dreams in Thousand Oaks, California today.

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