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Lowest Fixed California Mortgage Interest Rates in 2017

California’s Lowest Mortgage Rates and Interest

Each and every day thousands of California homeowners or future homeowners look for the lowest possible fixed mortgage interest rates. Those that have never been through the financing process may not realize that mortgage rates adjust on a daily basis. They also differ depending on a specific financial situation. Someone with a debt to income ratio of 60% and a credit score of 620 is going to receive a much different interest rate quote than someone with a debt to income ratio of 15% and a credit score of 780.

With this being the case, we strongly urge you to call ABLEnding today at 866-260-2253. We have mortgage professionals that can help you better understand what type of mortgage product or program is right for you. Some will benefit from an FHA home loan because they will not need to put as much money down. Veterans and active military will likely benefit from a VA Home Loan. There are others that may consider an adjustable rate mortgage as they know their lives are going to change drastically in the next three to five years.

Rather than trying to determine this yourself contact a mortgage professional that has experience. We have helped thousands in the state of California over the last few years. With this experience we are able to find the right mortgage opportunity for you. Do not feel as if a low credit score or small down payment is going to force you into a 30 year fixed mortgage rate of 8% or 9%. We can crunch the numbers with a mortgage calculator and determine the best strategy for you.

We will also be able to assist you in find the lowest possible mortgage payment. Most people accept that their mortgage payment is their largest monthly bill but it does not have to clean out your entire paycheck every single month. Reach out to us today so we can help you get the lowest California fixed mortgage rates today.

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