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Agua-Caliente Native American California FHA Home Mortgage Loan Information

Agua-Caliente Tribe FHA and Mortgage Loans Information

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For outsiders, it might be surprising to hear that California has a large population of Native Americans within its borders. Surrounding states like Oklahoma and Arizona are better known their Native American populations, but there’s a sizeable representation within the Golden State’s borders. One such tribe is the Agua-Caliente Native American tribe, which has its own patch of land in Riverside County, California.

Perhaps you’re interested in settling down on the Agua-Caliente tribe’s land in Southern California. If so, there are a few boxes you need to tick off to ensure that you’re eligible for a Section 248 Mortgage on Indian Lands.

This type of loan is open only to potential buyers who want to purchase a one- to four-family home; it can also be used if you’re looking to refinance a mortgage on a home that falls into this category. You must meet a few criteria yourself. For one, and perhaps it’s obvious, but you must be Native American in order to obtain this type of loan. You can sign a loan with someone else who isn’t Native American, but at least one borrower on the loan must have roots within the Agua-Caliente (or, if you’re reading this for reference, within any other tribe). The borrower must deem the new place his or her primary residence. As for the new home, it should be on lands owned directly by your tribe or lands that the government has purchased on behalf of your tribe, inhabited by your tribe. You can find more at our California FHA home mortgage loan resource.

The Agua-Caliente tribe will also have to uphold its end of the bargain in order for you to obtain your loan. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development has laid out a set of four requirements that your tribe must meet in order for you to get your FHA Loan.

The tribe must prove that it has its own set of eviction rules and procedures and that it will follow them when necessary.

The tribe must agree to allow the HUD onto the premises in order for its team to maintain and service tribal lands.

The tribe must use the HUD’s lease agreement form.

The tribe has two options here:

  • The tribe’s judicial system and courts will have jurisdiction over cases surrounding FHA-insured and held mortgages in order to provide them with a first lien.
  • The tribe will allow the state of California’s rules regarding liens to apply. The state’s laws will help the tribe to prioritize liens against a particular piece of property.

Of course, this is a lot of information to take in and apply. If you have any questions, try calling us today at 866.260.2253 or e-mailing us at Our team will do its best to answer questions and assuage any doubts as you start down the road to home ownership.

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